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Mental Health Workshop to Dhanyewaad Youth

On the 27th of July, a “Health Workshop – Mental Health” was held at the Amics del Nepal Activity Centre, attended by 10 enthusiastic youths. Led by skilled facilitators this session aimed to empower participants with crucial insights into mental well-being. The event commenced with an engaging icebreaker, fostering connections among the youths of Dhanyawaad organisation, setting a welcoming tone. We hope that the youths were empowered with essential insights into emotions, mental health, and the significance of open communication. The session not only educated but also fostered a sense of unity and shared responsibility among the youths, emphasising the importance of addressing mental health concerns within the community.

The core of the workshop revolved around self-discovery, emotional awareness, and practical tips for maintaining sound mental health. Through interactive exercises, participants gained a deeper understanding of their emotions and learned effective management techniques. The concept of “good and bad secrets” sparked vital discussions, promoting open communication and encouraging youths to seek help when needed.

As the workshop concluded, an interactive Q&A session allowed participants to seek clarification and share valuable feedback. This event educated youths on the importance of mental health, empowered them with self-care strategies, and fostered a culture of transparency and support. The positive impact of this workshop highlights its value in prioritising mental wellness among the younger generation.