AWASUKA, a program started after the earthquake of 2015 to respond to the the challenges that arise after that event. After 5 years of program, Amics del Nepal finalized its participation to this program that has worked on housing design, model housing construction, chimneys constructions and awareness.

The word Awasuka stands for the Nepalese words Aawaas Sudhar Karyakram, which mean Housing Improvement Program. The program is developed by the three entities: Amics del Nepal, Base-A and the CCD (Development Cooperation Center) of the UPC, Agragaami Krishak Krishi Sahakaariand Rotary Club of Kantipur. Recently, Rotary Club of Hetauda has also joined in. In these joined forces that was initiated in July 2015, Amics del Nepal brought the knowledge of the country and infrastructure in the country, now done by the Rotary Club.

Base-A brings the experience in architecture and cooperation and UPC brought the logistic support of the traveled cooperants, as well as one expert in cooperation assessment

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The main goal of the program is strengthening the population and provide them with technical, social and economic knowledge in order to give a better response to future earthquakes.

Other goals of the programs are centered in activities to solve other problems related to housing: the water treatment (awareness and workshops), the improvement of latrines and the construction of chimneys that will make healthier kitchens. These are sporadic workshops run by local specialised trainers.

To see the news on this program during the 5 first years when Amics del Nepal was partaking, click here!

You can also see the website of the program, which continues its work, focused now on the construction of chimneys, under the umbrella of Base-A and the Rotary Club: