Dance Classes

DANCE CLASSES (C3) are formally provided in the Amics Activity Center to interested children from the greater Chabahil community since 2018. Dancing is one of the many ways to boost confidence in an individual.  It has opened an opportunity to children who want to learn how to dance and express themselves through it. Children love dancing and Amics has given a good platform to support and understand this passion better.

Today, the Kathmandu Activity Centre has around 20 children from the community who attend these classes every Monday and Thursday. The children learn different dance forms such as cultural, hip-hop and contemporary dance. Amics also provides the platform for the children to showcase their talents and learnings through this project by performing in several community events organized by Amics themselves.

The project’s main objectives include:

To implement, document and evaluate the dance classes conducted twice a week among 20 students from grade 3 to 7 with sufficient use of multimedia.

To implement, document and evaluate the health workshops conducted twice a year among 20 students that focus on maintaining basic hygiene and healthy living habits.

To contribute at least twice a year to AN projects’ community events through dance performances & other support during the community events.

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