Himalayan Economic Upliftment

HIMALAYAN ECONOMIC UPLIFTMENT (E2) is a project of Amics del Nepal in design phase with the aim of expanding Amics’ current projects, which till date have been targeted towards the urban poor and disadvantaged communities in Kathmandu valley, Biratnagar, Makwanpur, and Mahendranagar districts, all of which lie either in the hilly or Terai region of Nepal.

The Himalayan region in the north which is the most remote and rural has not been explored through Amics del Nepal projects as of yet. Keeping some of the prevailing and burning issues of Nepal in mind such as the annual increase in youth migration, decline of indigenous rights and resources, climate crisis to name a few, Amics del Nepal aims to launch a project in a Himalayan district in 2025 among its youth and women with the aim to address these issues while economically uplifting the community. 

The direct beneficiaries of the Himalayan Economic Upliftment project will be youth and women of the selected Himalayan villages of a district enrolled in the project in order to start/improve their own entrepreneurial ventures and related skills. 

The Himalayan Economic Upliftment initiative addresses the following goals of Amics del Nepal:

  • G2: Youth develop life-skills enabling smooth transition to economic upliftment.
  • G3: Women lead dignified and well-informed lives leading to their well-being.
  • G5: Youth and women are aware and able to maintain habits leading to healthy and loving lives.
  • G6: Youth are proactive through an action plan according to their interests and possibilities.
  • G7: Women are self-sustained and able to provide for their families leading to empowerment.

Based on the objectives of the organisation, the general objective of the project is defined as guaranteeing the rights to a dignified life to youth and women belonging to mountain communities through economic upliftment.

The Himalayan Economic Upliftment Initiative project in the long run can greatly impact not only other villagers not directly involved in the project, but nearby villages too. Success of such an initiative can act as a model to be replicated in more villages the following years. Because the project aims strongly at sustainable development with a key focus on indigenous rights and resources, and economic upliftment of the community, this can have a wider scope of impact, hence a multiplier effect on socio-cultural and environmental factors as well. 

The Himalayan Economic Upliftment Initiative aligns with:

  • SDG4 of Quality Education wherein it aims to provide the youth and women beneficiaries of the project with relevant skills (vocational/technical) to enable increase in employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurial ventures
  • SDG5 of Gender Equality wherein it ensures access to women’s effective participation for better leadership and economic opportunities
  • SDG8 of Decent Work and Economic Growth by aiming at productive and decent work for women and youth through the promotion of sustainable livelihood that promotes local culture and products.
  • SDG12 of Responsible Consumption and Production through sustainable use of natural resources, waste management, and by developing tools to monitor sustainable development of the project.

This project is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics de Nepal and the collaborating partners: