Expansion Program

Amics del Nepal’s programs have undergone many strategic changes, especially since 2018. With the Expansion Program to start in 2024, Amics has expansion plans through four projects:

Amics is hopeful that with these new projects it will further strengthen the existing relations between the organisation and local communities in Nepal. Creating an equitable world filled with quality education, capable human resources, livelihood opportunities, networks and better income has always been one of the key goals of Amics del Nepal’s educational projects. With areas of knowledge exchange, capacity building, innovation, and stakeholder engagement at all phases of the project as the key focus, Amics envisions its tried and tested Children, Youth and Women programs to impact more beneficiaries directly in the field through the initiation of the Expansion Program.

Participation of the target groups in the different phases of the project

Inputs from participating teachers of the School Collaboration project will be incorporated into the design, formulation, planning and evaluation phases of the school workshops. Pilot workshops have been conducted in three of the participating schools in 2023 wherein the teachers played an integral part from selecting the themes and subjects of the workshops to co-facilitating the pilot sessions with the Amics team. Continuous formative and summative evaluations will take place with the help of the teachers through which the Amics team will finalise the School Collaboration project for 2024. During the actual year of implementation, participating teachers will continue to be equally involved in all the key phases of the project. Similarly, students’ participation and engagement level along with observations and final outputs of the students’ works during the pilot sessions and the implementation phase will also shape and determine the phases of the collaboration.

Similarly, regarding Women Hub, all current beneficiaries of the Women Literacy Project will be given priority to participate in workshops and training based on their needs for intervention. Therefore, all skill development materials, project timelines and deliverables will be designed keeping the beneficiaries at the core of the project.

All research activities and project planning of the Himalayan Economic Upliftment project will be based on identifying the needs, baseline data, current skills and resources of the beneficiaries. Therefore, developing trust and meaningful interaction with the beneficiaries will be pivotal in taking the project forward. Similarly, the beneficiaries will be equally involved during implementation, and their feedback in evaluation phases of the pilot project will be crucial in order to  finalise the project to be launched in 2025.

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This program is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics de Nepal and the collaborating partners: