Children Homes Program

It was in 1995 that Amics del Nepal first collaborated with a children’s home in the far west district of Kanchanpur in Nepal called Amor Children’s Home. Since then, the organisation has been working to improve the lives of the children in children homes in various districts of Nepal. The Children’s Homes Program of Amics del Nepal has been providing support at various levels in a various number of Children’s Homes like Siphal Children Home in Kathmandu district, Children Home in Lalitpur district, Bhimphedi Balmandir of Nepal Children Organisation in Makwanpur district, and Purwanchal Bal Ashram in Morang district.

The three children’s homes, with around 180 children at risk can enjoy a good childhood, where Amics del Nepal currently work are:

During its initial years of service, Amics del Nepal saw to the provision of financial support as well as conducted periodic health camps in the children homes. However, through the years, Amics’ support has extended to improving the homes’ operations as well as providing better opportunities for quality education. Amics also works with local CBOs, NGOs and government authorities to provide maximum welfare and contribute to dignified living as per the children’s rights. In a given fiscal year, Amics del Nepal supports around 180 children as beneficiaries under their Children Home program. Through its Children Home Events project, Amics also conducts major events and workshops in the children homes round the year under the coordination of Activity Centre at Kathmandu.

Through all these projects under the Children Homes Program, Amics del Nepal aims to fulfill the following goals of Amics del Nepal:

Education Goals:

  • G1: All children have access to quality education.
  • G2: All children can develop life skills to their best abilities, enabling a smooth transition to further studies and livelihood.

Health Goals:

  • G4: All children live in a loving, caring and hygienic environment where they receive nutritional food and proper healthcare.
  • G5: All children are aware and able to maintain habits leading to healthy and loving lives.

Besides these goals, the Children Home program also has the final goal:

  • G8: All external stakeholders take ownership and meet all the above mentioned organisational goals of education and health at different levels at some point in the future.

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This program is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics de Nepal and the collaborating partners: