Social Hours (SH)

SOCIAL HOURS (Y3) or SH is the project of the Youth Program following Social Week wherein the youth need to undergo 200 hours of volunteering activities during their final year of high school. The project is designed with the aim that the transferable life-skills developed in the first year will be applied in the second year of volunteering. The 200 hour is further broken down into four quarters of 50 hours each. The youth will have to volunteer at least one quarter in all the three sectors of a non-profit organisation, a for-profit company, and a vocational/technical centre.

Overall, Social Hours project aims at providing better access to quality education, health, and livelihood opportunities. The youth undergo a yearly health check-up followed by several health workshops. Several field visits session are organized where they are exposed to new ideas and a timely career counselling plan are implemented to encourage them for their future goals and ambition. During this year, the youth receive periodic career and guidance counselling, and sit through individual counselling sessions. They receive a more hands-on mentorship in comparison to Social Week to enable them to transition to further studies or working life and adulthood.

Besides this, youth are also given the opportunity to act as collaborators with other local NGOs. They are exposed to different platforms and communities where they perform drama shows on one of the most challenging issue all over the world, i.e. Waste Management. They also conduct workshops with schools and local communities all over the country. By the time they finish their Social Hours, they will have undertaken two years of intensive leadership and social responsibility training, and we can believe that they will have developed skills to further them to become agents of positive social change in their communities.

The Social Hours project addresses the following goals:

  • To ensure that the higher education provided to the grantee is of value and quality.
  • To ensure all grantees develop key life skills of creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and caring through experiential learning and art education.
  • To develop counselling curriculum & assessment framework to implement it through different youth projects as per the program’s needs.
  • To ensure the health of the grantee by initiating health workshops on physical and psychosocial well-being.
  • To ensure all grantees develop and maintain daily habits for a healthy and hygienic living.
  • To ensure all grantees are able to develop a comprehensive life plan ready for execution at the end of their grantship.
  • To ensure engagement with and establishment of strong relations with families of grantees, educational communities, and relevant local authorities through workshops and events in order to promote organisational goals of education, health and livelihood.

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This project is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics de Nepal and the collaborating partners: