Women Hub

WOMEN HUB (E1) is a new project of Amics del Nepal iniciated in 2024 in order to provide more exposure, livelihood opportunities and information to underprivileged women. Women Hub is basically a platform or information centre for marginalised women from lower socioeconomic backgrounds that aims at enhancing women’s quality of life through improvement of their social capital and eventually their socio-economic status.

Amics del Nepal has been systematically running the Women Literacy Project (WLP) since its foundation, under the current framework since 2018 in the Activity Centre in Kathmandu. While the WLP aims to develop basic literacy skills of women to make them self-motivated and self-reliant to find, understand and utilise the basic information necessary for improving their daily living, there has been a need to develop a new platform that aims at improving employment and networking opportunities for women in need.

The direct beneficiaries for the Women Hub will primarily be women of the Chabahil and Boudha area as they have easier access to the Amics Activity Centre. The Women Hub in general will be open to all women in need of the services offered. 

The Women Hub project addresses the following goals of Amics del Nepal:

  • G3: Women lead dignified and well-informed lives leading to their well-being.
  • G5: Women are aware and able to maintain habits leading to healthy and loving lives.
  • G7: Women are self-sustained and able to provide for their families leading to empowerment.
  • G8: External Stakeholders take ownership and meet all organisational goals of education, health and livelihood at different levels.

Based on the objectives of the organisation, the general objective of the project is defined as guaranteeing the right to information to women from lower socioeconomic backgrounds through Women Hub as an information platform.

Women Hub uses knowledge, network, and capacity building as a tool to increase women’s social capital. In order to develop these tools, the women will be exposed to field trips, practical trainings, guest speakers, internal workshops, discussions, and field visits. This program also aims to provide life skills training to the selected women. Finally, selected five women based on their level of interest and motivation will be offered grants to pursue further in-depth training to secure better employment opportunities. 

The Women Hub project aligns with:

  • SDG1 of No Poverty wherein it aims to expand the social network and social capital of the women as social network has been a proven anti-poverty strategy.
  • SDG5 of Gender Equality wherein it ensures access to women’s effective participation for better leadership and economic opportunities.
  • SDG8 of Decent Work and Economic Growth by aiming at productive and decent work for women through their social network and capital.

This project is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics de Nepal and the collaborating partners: