Social Hours (SH) Youth Program

Mental Health Workshop by Binuta Adhikari

On July 21st, a mental health workshop took place at Amics del Nepal, specifically targeting SH11 and SH12 youths. With a total of 22 participants, the workshop aimed to educate attendees on the nuances of emotions, emphasising the crucial role of mental health in our lives. The session, led by the experienced facilitator Miss. Binuta Adhikari, was characterised by its interactive nature, allowing participants to explore essential factors contributing to mental wellbeing. The session also kept note of 5Cs and helped youths enhance their critical thinking and their creativity.

The importance of mental health was underscored throughout the session, promoting self-care and proactive approaches to maintaining a healthy mental state. Miss Adhikari’s professionalism and expertise ensured the content was comprehensible and impactful.

The workshop left a positive mark, empowering participants to prioritise their mental health, and received commendable feedback for its contribution to personal development within the community. This event stands as a hopeful initiative, emphasising the significance of mental wellness which might be seen after months and might have long term effect on youths.

This project is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics del Nepal and the collaborating partners: