Expansion Program Namuna Bari

Third mushroom plantation in Bhimphedi, Balmandir

The third mushroom cultivation was also carried out successfully and was launched on 18th February 2020 in Bhimphedi, Balmandir. Once all the raw materials were received the plantation was carried out.

This time the implementation of straw sterilization wasn’t carried out in Balmandir. The mushroom bags were bought in readymade. The ready-made bags were hung and taken care inside the tunnel house. Also the production and mushroom ball size was the same as we made in the previous cultivation. Besides, this buying and using the readymade bags benefited both in cost and effort for cultivation.

The main objective of cultivating the mushroom was to provide healthy nutritious food to the Balmandir family growing from their own fields with an eco friendly environment. This cultivation has also helped to reduce vegetable cost. From the 23rd of March we were able to collect around 25 kgs of mushrooms from cultivation and the collection is ongoing.

Overall, this mushroom plantation was also productive & learnable to the family. Although there were some challenges during the cultivation. During the cultivation we faced few problems with weather (summer) and mites. And unfortunately some of the mushroom bags were rotten. Moreover, the mushroom and regular vegetables cultivation has always been a way to teach the family about having healthy, fresh and nutritious food. And also is it a new way to learn about cultivation step

The Namuna Bari project is made possible by the support of Ateneu del Món and the City Council of Sant Quirze del Vallès