5 years since the earthquake in Nepal

Yesterday was the 5 year anniversary since the terrible earthquake in Nepal. Many houses collapsed, and many others cracked. For safety, most Nepalese in the affected areas, decided not to enter the houses and settle in tents on the street.

You can read the news we published at the time:

Nepal becomes a huge tent camp

New earthquake and everyone in the street

The surrealism, surprisingly common in Nepal, makes this date to coincide with the confinement of the Covid19 declared by the government of Nepal. Now, for safety, Nepalese cannot leave their houses.

In Nepal, cases are slowly rising, currently 52 cases, and the government has announced that the lockdown extends until May 7th, for now…

As always, their resilience will make them get up once more. And, at their side, all the Amics del Nepal will stand, as we have done in the last 25 years.