Bhimphedi CH Youth Program

Bhimphedi Pickle

The Achaar is a food that gives a unique spicy flavour to the food and increases the taste of the dish.

On May 19 of 2018, the Bhimphedi Pickle event was repeated at the reception centre of Balmandir-Bhimphedi. It involved all children and youth centre, including children who have their own pot for making preserves.

The main objective was to make 20 cans of preserve but, with the dedication of each and every one of the children, the production increased to about 45 pots.

It was a successful event where they learned how to make cucumbers using the preserve technique. It is a basic vital skill for children and can learn to conserve food for a long period of time. The main reason for this event is to learn to preserve food for this monsoon and to have a complementary food in the daily diet of all these children and young people.

We show you an explanatory video of the event. We hope you enjoy it!