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Opening Ceremony Activity Center

On April 21, the inauguration ceremony of the new centre of activities of “Amics del Nepal” was celebrated in the community of Maijubahal, in Kathmandu.

All the relatives of the beneficiaries of the educational project and the young project and members of Amics del Nepal were present in the day.

The program began at 11: 15h with a brief opening dance made by students and young people who attend the centre daily. Once finished, students of class 11 represented their theatre play dedicated to waste (which is so successful in the schools in the Kathmandu valley) and small children of the dance class presented their choreography.

In addition, other activities were done for students and family members such as the science workshop (given by Anna Brunet, vice president of the association, and Sonik, one of the young beneficiaries of the Young Project ), a magic show (With Rojan and Sommaya, both of the Young Project), a face painting workshop (with Rohit, coordinator of the Young Project, and the Pramod, an accountant of the association in Kathmandu), scalextric (the Urgen and the Manoj, from the Young Project), and a sample of how electricity can be created with a bicycle (by Jakuna, from the Young Project).

Once the activities were finished, some sandwiches and soft drinks were served and the families of the children and young people were convinced to dance together in order to end their party.

All the people who were present really enjoyed the program and the activities.