Renewal of board and illusion

Every two years, at the Amics Nepal assembly, it is time to renew the board of directors. This year three members have asked to leave the board because of their  lack of time: Rocío who is now in the Cape Verde archipelago, running a marine wildlife conservation charity, Neus has had a child  and Sergio who cannot find any free time due to their shifts at hospital. We would like to thank all three of them for their devotion to the directive board  of Amics from Nepal and we are sure they will continue working with the association in everything  that their new challenges will allow them.
Three very active people from the association have volunteered to join the board of directors: Marina and Jordi who have been to Nepal several times as volunteers and thay have also organized here several plays, concerts and fifths for the benefit of the NGO. The third incorporation  is the Manisha who is the first Nepali to join the Board of Directors of Amics from Nepal. Welcome and good work.
As we have been  doing for the last 4 years, this time we are rotating the board of directors. For the next two years, Daniel will be the president and Patricia will be vice president.
At the assembly, in addition to the changes of board, the activities and accounts of 2017 and the budgets and strategic objectives for 2018 were also presented.
In order to prepare this assembly and to be able to set the strategic objectives of the work team, we met together   in a privileged setting for a whole day.
The new board appreciates the trust of all Friends and is committed to working with honesty and persistence with the main objective of supporting and helping the most disadvantaged groups in Nepal. We encourage all friends who want to participate in the management of the NGO to contact us.
After 23 years, we still continue!