Expansion Program Women Literacy (WLP)

New book: Literacy of women

The Literacy of Women Program started again in Kathmandu, after a break of two years because of lack of resources, in 2013.

This program has been helping to enhance women’s education in Nepal. Most of the women over 70, for instance, have joined this lesson. Thus, it is an opportunity to learn English and Nepalese words. Currently, there are 10 women in the course which will take part in the activity centre of Amics del Nepal in Kathmandu.


Given the density of involvement that we have faced since the day that we started this project, we have developed a new textbook (English and Nepalese). Moreover, in a year such like this, when the course WLP has been conducted under the supervision of the Youth Project of Amics del Nepal, this course has been so interesting in order to develop it following the own women’s interests.


After all the effort of the youth of Kathmandu, and with the support of Miguel Comas, coordinators of the field projects, finally, we have been able to develop the new edition of the WLP book. Last 21 of may we perform the distribution of the book (WLP) when, al the Kathmandu team, including the women who were taking the course, were present. Th women were really happy and glad to receive the new book and to be able to participate in such program.


This new book will be distributed also next course that is going to start in Mahendranagar, where the Literacy of Women Program has started since last year.