Social Week (SW) Youth Counseling & Support Youth Program

The Youth Project 2018/19

The aim of this project for the youth is to involve talented and educated young people in activities for social well-being. The young are the ones who can enhance the change that society needs. Thus, it is important to support and encourage them to become active development agents of their communities.

Every year, in April, we welcome the students who have finished their high school and who are experimenting their own personal development, meanwhile we introduce them to how to manage their own various abilities to create social projects and activities to give support to society and drive the change in their own communities.

Once they are enrolled in the program, their first experience will be to answer some basic questions that have wide answers and that have been questioned by all the philosophers: Who am I? Where are we? What can we do to improve our environment? As they answer those questions, they will need to use different tools which will develop their abilities and competencies like: video, photography, computer software, the Internet, theatre, art, painting, design and poetry…

The program is running and kids are on board. Soon they will take part in the social change and development in creating their own projects, and they will see how to create a better world for the upcoming generations.

Here you can see the video made by the youth as a presentation of the new course!