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Crowdfunding Challenge 2018: #kmpernepal

7480 km divides Barcelona and Bhimphedi. All together we can collect this amount of euro in order to renew the infrastructure and the furniture in the Bhimpedi (Nepal) Children’s house. The #Kmpernepal challenge starts with the support of the Olympic medal winner Miguel Luque Ávila.

Seventeen years ago, Amics del Nepal built the Balmandir Children’s house in Bhimpedi a village 60 km away from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Since 2007, the NGO has the complete management of the structure. We focus on improving the living conditions, providing services of the health and care as well as education, in order to help children to grow in a safe and secure environment. Nowadays, 34 children (boys and girls) live in Bhimpedi being the residence of almost 200 kids along its history.

The NGO works daily to carry on and maintain this project allowing these children to have the same rights and possibility as the others in the word. Every year Amics del Nepal struggles to pay all the direct cost but the furniture need to be renewed after 17 years. So, we are looking forward to your precious help.

With 7480€ we will repair the roof to avoid leaks and water stain, build beds and bunks, buy pillows and mattress for everybody, wardrobes, benches and tables for the dining room and also repair all small damages which are increasing day after day.

Amics del Nepal has launched a challenge on the Migranodearena platform with the aim of obtaining this much needed money to continue maintaining the necessary quality standards in the Bhimphedi Children’s Home.

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