Experiential Learning (EL) Patan CH

Patan Children’s Home Event on Solidarity Sharing by EL Students

Patan Children’s Home provides care and education to underprivileged children and infants. Every year, Amics del Nepal organises various events aimed at engaging the children of Patan in educational activities focused on health and education. This time, students from the Experiential Learning (EL) project visited Patan Children’s Home on February 24th to showcase their performances based on their learnings from the third quarter’s sessions. The purpose of this event was to introduce the children to the concept and significance of solidarity through a presentation of mosaic arts, and fostering a sense of unity among them by highlighting the role of music in promoting solidarity. Additionally, this visit provided valuable exposure for the EL students, helping them understand the home and expand their networks. 

The event was organised for the children of Patan led by six EL students. Approximately 30 children and staff members from Patan Children’s Home participated in and observed the event while EL students exhibited their performances. During the event, the students presented their learning through mosaic arts, singing, and dancing, conveying the message of unity and the significance of solidarity across various aspects of life. The event concluded with insightful feedback from the audience, expressing their interest in the mosaic arts created from recycled materials, symbolising unity and collaboration. Also, the participants had the opportunity to observe the artwork up close, further reinforcing the unity and collaboration. As a gesture of solidarity, the mosaic art made by the EL students was left behind as a gift to Patan Children’s Home.

This project is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics del Nepal and the collaborating partners: