Expansion Program School Collaboration

School Collaboration project: Amics Educational Expansion

Keeping in mind Amics’ education programs, the new Expansion Program (EP), specifically the School Collaboration Plan (SCP) within the EP is an initiative to reach out to the wider school community. It is an expansion of PBL, currently implemented at the Activity Centre with selected beneficiaries in grades six and seven.

To initiate the SCP, a series of class observations, meeting and interviews were conducted among teachers of three participating schools followed by a pilot session.The three collaborating schools are Shree Bal Byabasayi Kendra School, Shram Rastriya Secondary School, and Mahendra Boudha Secondary School), all located in the vicinity of the Amics Activity Centre in Chabahil, Kathmandu.This laid the groundwork for the School Collaboration Plan (SCP).

In January and February 2023, Amics conducted visits to the schools for class observations and began introductory discussions about the School Collaboration Program (SCP). Following this, a collaborative approach was maintained by AN involving interactions with teachers (specifically in English, Social Studies, and Science subjects for grade V) at each school in August and September. The aim was to conduct a thorough assessment of the requirements for the SCP in the schools.These interactions and meetings paved the way for the initiation of the first pilot session. The pilot session, conducted from August to October with targeted fifth grade students at each school served as a crucial step in kickstarting the SCP. The main aim of the session was to introduce the Amics PBL approach to learning among the teachers and to get to know the students. Despite challenges in scheduling due to the schools’ busy routines, the teachers’ unwavering enthusiasm and the students’ active participation during the pilot sessions were encouraging.

With a focus on the official launch of the SCP in May 2024, Amics del Nepal remains committed to creating meaningful educational opportunities and expanding its positive impact on students and teachers alike. Embracing the values of an open innovation platform, we actively encourage stakeholder ownership and engagement throughout the cycle. This approach ensures that diverse perspectives contribute to the success of the SCP, fostering collaboration and inclusivity.

This project is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics del Nepal and the collaborating partners: