Children Program Experiential Learning (EL)

Experiential Learning health workshop and summer pack distribution

Amics del Nepal believes that every child deserves a proper and healthy life. To achieve this, we provide support to each beneficiary through guest speakers, health-related workshops and activities, and hygiene package distribution throughout the year, ensuring they can enjoy a quality life. In order to achieve this a health workshop focusing on airborne diseases was conducted on Saturday, July 8, as part of the Experiential Learning (EL) project. There were a total of 16 students along with two staff members and interns. The primary objective of the workshop was to promote knowledge and understanding on airborne diseases along with the prevention method and strategies, aligning with  SDG no.4: Quality Education.

The session included interactive discussions wherein the students had an opportunity to share their experiences and clarify their doubts regarding the diseases. Additionally, different fun activities were conducted to make the session more interesting and engaging for the children. The workshop concluded with the summer clothes and hygiene packs distribution where each student  received a pair of socks and shoes. In addition to that, water bottles, towels, and nail clippers were also distributed to promote a good sense of responsibility towards healthy living. The participants gained a basic understanding on airborne diseases, as well as the significance of good health. Furthermore, this topic aligned with the ongoing theme of the EL session, further raising awareness among the students on these crucial matters. 

With the enthusiastic efforts of the participants, the EL health workshop and summer pack distribution was effective to meet its goals in maintaining a positive attitude and behavior on health and hygiene.  The upcoming winter season will mark the next health workshop, focusing on winter-related health concerns which will provide the students of EL with additional opportunities for education and engagement. However, it is important to note that in addition to workshops, Amics actively conducts various health-related activities throughout the year in different sessions, ensuring consistent support and continuous learning for the students.

This project is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics del Nepal and the collaborating partners: