Children Program Experiential Learning (EL)

EL Family Meeting & Workshop on Parenting Styles

On the 8th of July, a family meeting was held with the parents of Experiential Learning (EL) to discuss their children’s activities in relation to the project. The primary objective of the meeting was to provide parents with a comprehensive understanding of their children’s involvement and progress in the EL project conducted by Amics del Nepal. Additionally, a workshop on positive parenting styles and skills was organised during the session, offering parents the opportunity to learn new techniques for effective and positive parenting.

Due to time constraints, only 13 out of 17 parents attended the meeting. The participants were introduced to different parenting styles and their potential impact on children, emphasising the importance of communication. The session encouraged active participation from parents who shared their experiences and led discussions. A collaborative activity from the children program was also conducted which they found very engaging. This collaborative approach not only encouraged the active involvement of parents but also allowed them to witness the positive impact it had on their children’s learning and development within the enjoyable learning environment at Amics del Nepal. 

Overall, the parents’ positive feedback regarding the parenting skills, collaboration activities, and the engaging learning experiences highlight the organisation’s success in providing a supportive community and promoting holistic child development. Also, the parents are very enthusiastic to attend the next meeting where they will be provided with opportunities to explore more on effective and positive parenting. The family meetings are usually held on a quarterly basis at the Amics Activity Centre.

This project is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics del Nepal and the collaborating partners: