Children Program Project Based Learning (PBL)

PBL batch of 2023-2024 started

A new Project Based Learning (PBL) batch of 2023-2024 started with the students of grade 7 on the 2nd of May and grade 6 on the 4th of May at the Amics Activity Centre. We have a total of 21 students at present under this project. In general, we conduct a total of four sessions in a year with a particular theme per quarter. We started our first quarter conducting English and IT assessments to collect baseline information of our students.

The theme of the first quarter is based on Environment & Sustainability and English preparation. The main objective of the new curriculum is to conduct activities based on English, Reading and Arts to help the students boost their creativity and critical thinking skills. Field visits and guest speaker sessions will be conducted in order to enable students mobilisation of knowledge exchange, social awareness and community engagement.

This project is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics del Nepal and the collaborating partners: