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New Nepali Year Celebration: Staff Dinner

Amics del Nepal has been conducting various types of activities through its Development Hour project to support the growth of skills among staff and interns while also promoting strong connections among themselves and within the organisation. These activities include field trips, outings, taking part in external training and workshops, and important celebratory occasions.
On 12th May, Amics staff and interns from Kathmandu Activity Centre celebrated the new Nepali year 2080 with a dinner organised at Oriental Kitchen located at Baluwatar. The dinner plan was also a way to bond and get together with all the employees.It was a wonderful opportunity for all to check out the new location, taste new food along with its beautiful ambience. Additionally, each member of the staff and interns shared their personal and professional experiences, such as general hobbies and interests, travel experiences and recommendations, books, movies, or music that have had an impact, and life lessons learned from personal experiences. which led to effective communication and connections.
The Development Hour project has been a really great way for employees to build strong relationships and to create a new way of learning together.