Children Program Project Based Learning (PBL)

New Batch PBL6 (2023/2024) Enrollment

The Children Program of Amics del Nepal has enrolled a total of 10 new students from three government schools of grade six in Amics’ PBL Children Program for the new academic year 2080 (2023/24). There will be 11 students in PBL6 including Sujan Tamang. The students’ enrollment was conducted in March and April where we visited three government schools near the Activity Centre (Chabahil & Boudha area) and explained our program to the children and school representatives through meetings.

An orientation meeting was conducted with the selected children and their parents on 22nd April, Saturday at the Activity Centre. In the meeting, we introduced our Amics Grant scheme, and discussed the Children Program, its benefits, and activities intended towards the overall development and growth of the participating children. The PBL and Amics Grant agreements were also signed by the parents and the children.

The Amics Grant is an education development and support initiative of Children’s Home/Amics del Nepal (AN) provided to the selected beneficiaries studying in grades 6 till 10 from government schools, and further studies where various educational, financial and other support are offered to the beneficiaries at different phases in order to promote their educational, health and livelihood development. The Amics Children Program focuses on bridging the gaps in education and health by supporting children belonging to disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds who mostly attend government and community schools.
Based on observations and participation level of the attendees, the parents and the new students were very happy and excited to begin a new journey with Amics del Nepal. Henceforth, 10 new students of grade six will be enrolled each year in the Amics PBL project from government schools in the community.

This project is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics del Nepal and the collaborating partners: