Expansion Program Women Literacy (WLP)

WLP Field Visit To Trikhandi

The projects of Amics del Nepal have been providing field visits and refreshment activities to their beneficiaries in accordance with the objectives to complement their classes with extra exposure. It has been one of the best ways to explore, observe and enrich our beneficiaries’ knowledge. A field visit was conducted on 8th April with the beneficiaries of the Women Literacy Project of Bhimphedi. They visited a place called Trikhandi, a major picnic spot at Hetauda. It is a beautiful place full of natural beauty, with a river alongside and high hills. There were a total of 17 participants along with 2 staff members.
The visit was a recreational as well as learning activity for the women of our literacy project. They also visited the temple named Kushmanda Devi which is located in Trikhandi. All the women really enjoyed the exposure as this was their first field visit received from Amics del Nepal. They also performed a dance, sang songs, and had snacks before returning home.