Children Program Family Support

New Academic Year 2023/24 Agreements signed

In March, we signed a new academic year 2023/24 project clause with the Amics’ Children Program beneficiaries and their guardians. A short family meeting was conducted at the Activity Centre where Amics’ Children Program activities and students’ progress were discussed. This is an annual agreement signed with our beneficiaries that includes distinctive activities in detail and some regulations along with the benefits. These clauses are very descriptive and explain the kinds of activities children will be engaged in and the benefits they will be receiving making our program transparent among the guardians of the beneficiaries. A total of 30 beneficiaries from grades five to nine will be continuing with us next year and have signed the agreement.
There are three different projects under the Children Program namely Family Support, Project Based Learning (PBL), and Experiential Learning (EL), with their distinctive activities and beneficiaries. Currently, we have a total of 35 direct beneficiaries under the children program. They belong to disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds and mostly attend government and community schools. Five students are appearing in the SEE exam this April who will complete our children program while 10 new students from grades 6 in the government schools have been enrolled for the next academic year in May 2023.
The agreements we sign with them are very helpful in collecting necessary data and providing as much support as possible to the beneficiaries. We have been providing educational and health support and after-school activities to develop life skills under PBL and EL projects.