Project Based Learning (PBL)

A Field visit to Taragaon Museum

A field visit was conducted on 11th March with our Project Based Learning (PBL) group to Taragaon Museum. An art exhibition was conducted by the National Indigenous Women Forum ( NIWF) where our students were able to observe the paintings that were created by 15 young women from Shankharapur. There were a total of 22 students along with our children program intern and staff. The main objective of this field visit was to give a basic introduction on indigenous women which relates to the theme of the fourth quarter of PBL7, Women’s Rights. PBL6 students also related the displayed arts with their third quarter theme of solidarity, and they had also created some amazing art pieces. All the students were oriented by a member of NIWF and were given time to explore and ask questions regarding the paintings.

All the students really enjoyed the displayed arts and they were more fascinated as the artists were the same age as our students. Art exhibitions are a nice way to explore and develop students’ communication and cognition skills. Amics del Nepal will keep taking our students to different exhibitions, sports centres and historical places in order to provide exposure and community exchange through field visits.