Expansion Program Women Literacy (WLP)

Health Workshop in Kathmandu & Bhimphedi

In the first week of February, a basic health workshop was organised for the women literacy class group in Kathmandu and Bhimphedi. The main objective of the workshop was to make women aware of the importance of personal hygiene and basic care. There were a total of 12 participants in Kathmandu class and 14 in Bhimphedi for the workshop. In Kathmandu, we started the workshop with some physical warm ups as icebreakers. After that, we discussed personal hygiene and its importance. All the women shared their ideas and knowledge regarding the topic. We also discussed and revised how to wash our hands with soap, trim our nails, brush our teeth, wash our hair, and wear clean clothes. Similarly, in Bhimphedi, they discussed the importance of wearing warm clothes in the winter season and keeping oneself healthy.

At the end of the workshop, they were provided with a set of hygiene packs which consisted of vaseline, brush, socks, nail trimmer, comb, shoes, soap and glycerine in an effort to promote personal hygiene. The women were delighted to receive such workshops and support. In summary, the workshop was an awareness activity where women were happy to share their understandings and learn about the importance of healthy living.