Ashmita’s farewell

Ashmita joined Amics del Nepal in 2004 as an Amics del Nepal beneficiary in Lower Kindergarten (LKG), then in 2016 as an intern, and within two years, she was promoted to a part time staff and, subsequently, Women Program Coordinator. Throughout her time with our organisation, she demonstrated great skills in undertaking various responsibilities, from handling all major activities of the program; facilitating women literacy and children project based learning classes, conducting various trainings and workshops, designing curriculum for the classes, and presenting communication materials such as monthly and event reports. She also took initiatives and contributed to other aspects of program development, supporting other projects as well. She has been a sincere, dedicated, and hardworking individual with strong teamwork skills. 

It has been wonderful to witness Ashmita’s development from an Amics beneficiary to a valuable intern to an excellent employee. We would like to take this opportunity to thank her for being an integral part of Amics del nepal family, for her contributions and would like to wish her the best in all her future endeavours. While we are saddened to wave farewell to Ashmita Bhujel, we are happy for the new opportunities that await her.