Social Week (SW)

Field Visit to Theatre

On 24th August, Social Week youth conducted a field visit to Mandala Theatre, Baneshwor to watch a play “Khuwalung.” This exposure was conducted based on the theme “Civic Rights and Youth Awareness.”

The play “Khuwalung” was based on Kirat community which is one of the indigenous tribal groups of Nepal. “Khuwalung” literally means an ancient stone of Kirat community. The play mostly talks about importance and preservation of natural beauty of their ancient civilization that is Khuwalung. Through this play they wanted to raise the voice of the Kirat community whose existence and rights have been hindered in the name of development.

Since our youth are also currently preparing drama based on the “Civic Rights and Youth Awareness”, it was a new learning and exposure for them. The theatre play “Khuwalung” acted as a reference for the youth to prepare and create their own drama based on their current theme. The youth’s drama will be prepared and presented in Patan Children’s Home.

This project is possible thanks to the support of all the members of Amics del Nepal and the collaborating partners: