Expansion Program Women Literacy (WLP)

WLP Book Distribution at Activity Centre

After a long gap of COVID-19 and lockdown, women literacy classes were initiated among beneficiaries’ mothers and women from the local community. Currently, there are 14 women who are participating in the Women Literacy Project. These women are new learners who do not have any literacy background. From October, classes are being conducted physically every Saturday for two hours where women learn and develop basic Nepali reading and writing skills.

Recently, the project has developed two different levels of Nepali books for the beginner level. The first level of the book was developed and distributed in the month of June. After the completion of the first level book, the second level of Nepali book was created and distributed on 20th November. In the second level book, learners will be able to develop basic Nepali phonetics, words and simple sentences. Also, the book includes some revision exercises from the previous level book. Aside from that, there are also extra art and visual exercises which compliment and make the learning more interesting.

Literacy skills have always been one of the most important tools that women should develop in order to have better opportunities for quality living. With the continuation of this project, we are hopeful we can enable them to be one step closer to such goals.