Children Program Project Based Learning (PBL)

PBL Preparatory Classes Closing

Amics Activity Centre has always been a learning centre for all the beneficiaries of Amics programs. PBL Classes is one of the projects where students of grade six and seven from community schools participate in after school hours in order to learn, grow and explore.

As the classes started physically in the Activity Centre, PBL preparatory classes on English language development was initiated from 21st September. The main objective of initiating these classes was to develop students’ reading and speaking skills in English language. Before the classes, an assessment was conducted among the students in order to know their level in reading and writing aspects.

During the classes’ implementation, various oral activities related to vocabulary building, pronunciation were done in order to develop their reading skills. Aside from that, students were introduced to English stories where they are able to read, understand and discuss those stories.Furthermore, in between the reading sessions, different art and singing activities were also conducted in order to make the classes more interesting and learning fun.

By the end of the session, students were able to prepare and present a short conversation skit on different topics such as My Hobbies, My School and My Environment. Through these classes, students have slightly improved their vocabularies and reading skills compared to when they first started. Besides English language development, students also developed cooperation, teamwork and communication skills. These classes will be continued in the second phase of preparatory classes in January with more interest and fun learning activities.