Bhimphedi CH

Bhimphedi Sports Event

On 26th – 28th Dec, Sports event was organized in Bhimphedi Balmandir. The sport event was carried out with the help of staff from Balmandir and a volunteer. Sport is a very good way to interact with the children and to motivate them. It’s a good way to keep up the interest of the children high and can be a learning platform for the children.

First, the formation of groups was done where each group have equal number of junior, young and senior children as we had different games for the children of different age group. Later a captain to each group was selected. The captain assigned games to different children and brief them about the rules and technique.

We had different games such as mathematical race, sack race, bursting the balloon, and spoon-marvel race, curd-polo race, prepared for young and junior children respectively. Whereas games which are played on an international level such as football, Marathon, Long-jump, High-jump were performed by the senior.

The main idea of organizing sports event is to boost-up group work, and make them proactive. Apart from this, sports and games are always the best way to keep the children motivated towards Learning. We will be back again with another exciting event in Bhimphedi Balmandir.