Biratnagar CH Events

Health Workshop and Sport Event in Biratnagar

Amics del Nepal has conducted two events in less than a year in Biratnagar. This last time, under the supervision of Purbanchal Bal Ashram we took health workshop and sports event. The events were organized 29th-30th of December. There were around 48 children who participated in the sport event and Health workshop actively.

On the 29th december a health workshop was conducted among the staff and children of the children’s home. Health workshop was about Basic care(How to brush teeth and Hands) and CPR(cardiopulmonary respiration). A first aid kit was delivered to the Ashram. The main motive of this workshop is to make aware regarding basic health care in the immediate need.

On the 30th december a sport event was conducted among the children of Purbanchal Bal Ashram. Almost all the students participated in the sports event. Basically, event was conducted in three division junior, young and senior. The main motive of this sports meet is to make students to work in a team and become an active player. On the other hand, students will know the rules of each game.

Hence conducting the sports event can help the children to build cooperation skills, boosts up their self confidence and keep them active mentally and physically.