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Amics Open Dance Competition 2019

Amics del Nepal Activity Centre in Kathmandu conducted its 5th Dance Competition on 7th December, 2019. After the massive earthquake hit Nepal in 2015, Amics del Nepal started organizing the dance event with the aim to provide relief and entertainment to the community, but by the time it has been a good medium to encourage children and youth to express themselves through dance. The competition is held every year on December among children and youth, most of whom belong to the wider Chabahil and Boudha community. This year, also, there have been participants from all over the Kathmandu Valley.

In this 5th edition, we received around 60 participants performing solo, duo, or in groups. About 35 participants made it to the final showdown on 7th December which was held at the Maijubahal Community Hall. We were surprised by the enthusiasm of all the participants. To keep motivating such talents, we have also been providing some gifts as tokens of appreciation.

The event focuses on building our youths’ abilities to arrange and manage these kinds of events and learn from them. It has been a platform for them to expose their talents and organizational skills. The event was hosted and managed by our youths with the support of our staff and volunteers as the final product of Youth Program, Social Week.02.