Namuna Bari

Second mushroom plantation in Balmandir

After the completion of the first mushroom cultivation, on 24th September 2019 the second mushroom cultivation was launched in Bhimphedi, Balmandir. As the plantation was done previously the team did not have any problem in cultivating it. Once all the raw materials were received the plantation was carried out. During the plantation some extra workers were brought besides youth and staff, who also participated in the plantation.

The main objective of cultivating the mushroom was to provide healthy nutritious food to the Balmandir children growing from their own fields and environment. Moreover the cultivation has also helped to reduce the Balmandir vegetables expenses. Also from the 18th of October we were able to harvest around 40 kgs of mushroom from second cultivation. Also there were some challenges during the cultivation. During the cultivation we had problems with mites and insects and some of the mushroom bags were damaged.

Overall the mushroom plantation was productivity & learnable for Balmandir family. Furthermore the mushroom or any other vegetables cultivation has always been a way to teach the children about having healthy and nutritious food. Also the way to learn about cultivation. As per Balmandir family response the mushroom taste delicious in comparison to the market mushroom.

The Namuna Bari project is made possible by the support of Ateneu del Món and the City Council of Sant Quirze del Vallès