Children Program Family Support KEBS

External report of Parents meeting (2nd November 2019)

Amics del Nepal activity center has been organizing parent meetings quarterly every year under its Family Support project. The idea of the meeting emerged with the aim to engage parents and children in the child’s academic, personal and social development.

In the meeting held on 2nd Nov, there were two- different shift meeting, with KEBS students and non-KEBS student’s parents respectively. The main idea of conducting this meeting was to introduce new PBL class and experiential session structure to parents and children. Also to inform parents that grade 8 and 9 students will be stopping tuition class and will be joining experiential session every Saturday. Besides shifting grade 8 and 9 students to experiential session we selected some interested students from grade 5-7 from government school to join PBL class.

During the meeting parents were reoriented to the projects and ongoing activities in Amics center through PowerPoint presentations. We informed parents about new PBL class structure. Also we signed an agreement with the non-KEBS student’s parents so that their children can join the PBL class in the activity center. Moreover, we also discussed about the agreement’s terms and conditions that both parties need to fulfil. Thus this kind of meeting has always helped in creating a better understanding with the parents about their children’s overall participation and growth.