Bhimphedi CH Youth Counseling & Support

Bhimphedi – Kathmandu Trekking

On 17th October 2019, 8 students from Bhimphedi and 4 from Kathmandu including 3 volunteers went on the historic trek of Nepal from Bhimphedi to Kathmandu. This trekking route is historic as it was the only walking gateway to Kathmandu Valley until 1846.

This historic trek signifies the history of Nepal and it is an interesting topic for the children in Bhimphedi to learn about the history and also to explore the nature. So during this trek, children explore a different environment and had a great memories beside their monotonous school schedule.

On the other hand, Responsible Tourism’s team were on their first onsite research about this trail so that they could develop this trekking into something very interesting to be sold as a touristic product for domestic as well as international tourists.

With the support of the city Hall of Castellar del Vallès

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