Bhimphedi CH

Chandragiri Trip

Amics del Nepal gives an opportunity to the Balmandir family at Bhimphedi Children’s Home for travelling every year. Travelling is a way to know about nature with an opportunity to learn and to build social relations with your travel companions. It also gives a chance for the children to be engaged in an activity to develop new skills and to discover new places, people and cultures. With this in mind, we visited Chandragiri Hills for our annual excursion. It is about 2,551 meter above sea level and lies south-west of Kathmandu valley. From there, we can see the panoramic views of Kathmandu valley and the Himalayan ranges.

We started with our trip to Chitlang which is about 40 kilometers south from Bhimphedi by bus and had lunch prepared at home by the senior boys early in the morning. From there, we then walked for half an hour to reach our destination, Chandragiri. After walking for a while, the smaller children got tired and could not walk. So their big brothers carried them on their backs. Everybody forgot their tiredness when they reached the hills and started to enjoy the beautiful scenario, played games, created and captured their memories on cameras.

On our way back, we visited Kulekhani Dam known as the manmade lake of Nepal built for the purpose of generating electricity. We also visited a sheep farm and a place called Markhu where we went boating. Everybody enjoyed, learnt something new and spent a memorable time together in this travel.