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Health Workshop with the kids of the Activity Center

Volunteers from Barcelona conducted health workshops in Amics’ Activity Centre (Tuition class and Dance class) on 3rd and 5th June respectively. The workshop was about understanding the need and the techniques to perform a CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and also about basic hygienic practices such as washing hands and brushing teeth properly.

The workshops were presented by Dr Miquel and Rut where they first displayed all the information and steps related to CPR and how it is done during the situation of consciousness and unconsciousness. Besides the theoretical presentation, the volunteers practically demonstrated the process among all the students of tuition and dance classes. Following that, a small session on personal hygiene was also carried out where students learned the correct way of cleaning their teeth. The workshop lasted a total of one hour at the end of which they distributed toothbrushes to all the children.