Social Week (SW) Youth Program

Urban Garden Field Visit: After S.E.E. Course 2019

Field Visits are an essential component of the After S.E.E. Course at AdN. The field visits expose the students to the reality of the project they are undertaking. Therefore, within the 10 week Urban Garden project of the After S.E.E. course, the students underwent three field visits to better understand the different concepts, layouts and purposes of urban gardens in Kathmandu city.

The first visit saw the youth exploring the lush elaborate neo-classical Garden of Dreams situated in the city centre at Thamel. The students walked through three pavilions, an amphitheatre, numerous ponds and sat under beautifully woven pergolas. For most of the students, this was their first visit to the garden. In their second visit, they went through a local nursery examining each plant and their names, growing conditions and also took note of their prices. The last visit took place at Wegain Zone, an eco-friendly community space in Boudha. Through this visit, the students were able to witness living spaces and a garden made of recycled waste such as bamboo, bottles, tyres and even commodes and shoes. Overall, these visits enabled the youth to realise how a garden could have both ornamental and functional values, and it also initiated the youth to plan their own urban garden.

With the support of the city Hall of Castellar del Vallès

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