Bhimphedi CH

Activities in a Vacation

After finishing the final examination of the academic year, all the children at Bhimphedi Children’s Home had vacation for three weeks. A vacation is that period during which schools are closed and no classes are held. It is a time when the children take rest from their daily school activities, homework, reading many books and do not have to complete the answers. Holidays are necessary for children to feel free, refreshed and to entertain themselves. But it is not good being idle for long days as well. That is why the staff decided to do some activities to keep the children of Balmandir active and innovative in Bhimphedi Children’s Home.

It was decided that the children should know about the utilization and recycling of waste materials. So we chose to make corn husk mats by using corn husks and plastic wastes. Corn husk mat is a natural, pollution free and environment friendly material which is used as seats on the floor and also to decorate the walls. We also wove flowers and bracelets from wool in these activities. Santa Maya didi and Ranjita taught the children about utilising their vacant times by transforming waste materials into useful products for daily life. Though it was not easy to teach and learn as well in the beginning, the children continued to practice and were able to make beautiful flowers, bracelets and mats.