Children's Home Social Week (SW) Youth Program

Children Home’s Youth in After SEE course 2019

Amics del Nepal has been providing financial help to different Children’s Homes in Nepal for better standards of living of the children and better facilities in the homes. Apart from this, the children who have just appeared in their 10th grade’s final examination are given the opportunity to attend the After S.E.E. course in Amics’ Activity Centre in Kathmandu. Apart from providing financial support to the homes, this is a way to get directly engaged with the children for their skill development. In the After S.E.E. Course, we aim to develop the key life skills of Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Caring (5 C’s) which are transferable skills required in all areas of life.

This year we received six children from Children’s Homes – Ayusha Nepali and Abhisek Rai from Purwanchal Bal Sewa Ashram Biratnagar, Kiran Chaudhary and Sita Syangtan from Bhimphedi Hetauda, Ganesh Parki and Yagya Raj Upadhyaya from Mahendranagar Kanchanpur. Ayusha Nepali and Sita Syangtan are being accommodated in Sarada didi’s flat whereas the four boys – Kiran, Abhisek, Yagya Raj and Ganesh are staying in KEBS hostel under the supervision of Sarada didi and the hostel in-charge respectively.

The youth from the children’s homes have their class schedules from 10h00 to 14h00 for 4 hours Monday to Friday along with Saturday Project Based Learning class in the Activity Center. They will have these classes till 21st June 2019 after which they will be sent back to their respective Children’s Homes with certain skills they will have developed in their 10 weeks stay in Kathmandu.

With the support of the city Hall of Castellar del Vallès

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