Amor CH FIBS Health Volunteering Youth Program

Workshops in Mahendranagar Florida School

Salut Amics del Nepal

A team of Amics del Nepal composed by Biren, Sonik, Ashmita and Pramod (of the Youth Project), the vice-president Anna Brunet and the volunteer Marina Viñas went few days to visit the projects in Mahendranagar: the Woman Literacy Program, the Amor Children’s Home and the Florida School.

As usual, the Amics del Nepal team didn’t go just to visit. They had prepared a science workshop focused on bacteria, as Anna and Marina are both doctors in biology.

45 students of 9th and 10th grades (15-17 years-old kids) of Florida school partook in the workshop on 16th of March. It started with the Warm-ups Youth usually organize to wake up the students. After the Warm-ups started the 4 topic workshop: mouth, stomach, intestine and bacterial games, with the aim of teaching students about the presence of bacteria in the human body.

Where are the bacteria living?
Are all bacteria bad?
How do bacteria help our body?
How does the bacteria enter our body and goes to the stomach and intestine?

It was a fun and enriching experience for the Youth Project team, 08 the students discovered a new world in a fun way.

  • Salut Amics del Nepal