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Third BalmanMarket

Bhimphedi Amics del Nepal

The Bhimphedi Events are activities that the Youth Project of Amics del Nepal organize every month for the children of Bhimphedi Children’s Home. Throughout the year we’ve been organizing these activities that make children enjoy and learn at the same time.

Since July 2017, excursions, cooking workshops, health awareness sessions, video shootings and up to 3 Balmanmarkets have been organized. The third Balmanmarket took place last weekend.

The Balmanmarket is an event that takes place every four months and in which children can “buy” some products that they do not have the opportunity to obtain in their day to day life. They can get watches, headphones, speakers, sports goods, clothes or even some games. For 3 months, children carry out extra tasks in the garden of the house and in the kitchen and, in this way, they can obtain points that can be changed by Balmanrupees with which they can “buy” new items.

With this game, children learn that not everything is free and that we often have to strive to obtain things that, although we like and make life easier, we really do not need. In addition, it awakens the most solidary side of the greatest of the house, who buy articles for the youngest with the points that they have achieved.

The event mobilizes everyone in Balmandir, from the smallest to the eldest, so much so that they even want to sell  articles they have made to get more Balmanrupees!

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