Women Literacy (WLP) Women Program

End of the first Literacy courses of 2018

Dones Amics del Nepal

Amics del Nepal started 3 months of Women Literacy courses in Mahendranagar from December 13, 2017 to March 15, 2018. The courses have been a success, and more than 40 women could benefit from the program in the two locations where it was made: the small villages of Majhgaun and Gazar.

The difficulties in the private life of many of these women often mean that some of them have to abandon their courses, but always there are new candidates to join the course whenever there is a seat. Despite having a difficult and busy life with family responsibilities and work in the field, most of the women who attended the course completed doing their best to the end.

The big step forward of these women is that they can now read and write. The change has been incredible if we compare its status before and after the program, and this fact gives them greater autonomy. Some of them have even begun to solve simple mathematical problems.

On March 15th, a team of Amics del Nepal: the Youth Project, Anna Brunet (vice-president) and Marina Viñas (volunteer) went to Mahendranagar to close the courses. Certificates were distributed there for the women who attended the course during the three months.

All women were very happy for the opportunity to learn to read and write. During the event, women sang songs, the boys did some activities with the children and the program coordinator, Pramod Giri, uttered a few words.

Some of the women are still interested in continuing the course and moving to the next level, while others will continue to study at home.

This course has helped some women to obtain short-term work and has also contributed to increasing their educational status.

Once this course is over, we are already preparing the next one, which will begin soon!