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Challenge 2018 Renew the infrastructures and equipment of Balmandir

Repte Balmandir Amics del Nepal

17 years ago we built the Children’s Home in Bhimphedi, since that time almost 200 children have grown up in that home and become independent and autonomous.

In Balmandir, when a child moves out, a new one moves in. In the last two years 10 children of ages between 3 and 6 years arrived at Bhimphedi. Ten children who will grow up with their elder brothers and sisters, will attend the school and will scuffle and eat dal bhat with their hands.

In Amics del Nepal we have the strenght to keep fighting for these boys and girls, as if it was the first day, so they grow up to have an education, a bed to sleep in, food on the table and the small bit of help they may need.

Our support does not finish here and one of our challanges for 2018 is to renovate the facilities of Balmandir. To make the walls, the beds and the celing strong enough and to be able to have the tables, benches, cupboards and shelves ready for the new children who will use them for a lot of years.

2018 will be the year where we can renovate the facilities and the furniture so Balmandir can continue to shelter all those boys and girls who may need it.

  • Repte 2018 Balmandir Amics del Nepal