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New children arrive at Balmandir – Bhimpedi

Bhimphedi Amics del Nepal

Last 16th March was a special day: Almost every day it’s an adventure in Nepal, but that day six kids became part of the Balmandir – Bhimpedi’s family.

The center’s director, Surendra Sapkota, went to NCO in Kathmandú and the same evening he came with the 6 children where they received their new brothers and sisters.

We would like to thank “Projecte Jove d’amics del Nepal” Project in Kathmandu, for helping Surendra to take these 6 children to Bhimphedi.

Ram, Sisir, Basanta, Rabi, Sandeep and Laxman – all between 4 and 6 years old – have come to make another revolution in the children’s home. They are already well adapted and they’re having fun with their new brothers and the new home.

We believe and know that they will be very well at Balmandir, where we will take care of them and their needs in a cozy atmosphere.

We understand that it is a delicate moment in their small lives, for this reason we have hired a new Didi to make help them to adjust easier. Howewer, we know that the best way for their adaptation will be thanks to the help and affection of the elder children in the house ‘cause they already know how this experience works and they know how to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere from the first moment.