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Visit to the Aviation Museum

On April 15, primary and secondary school students who benefited from the KEBS scholarships, along with some students from the Maijubahal community attending the classes of Amics del Nepal Activities Center in Kathmandu, visited the Aviation Museum, which is located near Tribhuvan Airport, Sinamangal.

28 children guided by 4 members of the Youth Project of Amics del Nepal walked half an hour from the Activities Center to reach to the museum. Once there, children and youth showed their excitement, as it’s a new museum so none of them had visited it before.

After a visit to the interior of an aircraft, they attended the screening of a brief documentary about how the museum was developed, what is inside the museum and much more. Once the documentary finished, they were ready to enter to the museum.

The Aviation Museum is the newly built aircraft museum in the Kathmandu Valley and was developed by Captain Bed Upreti and his team. It consists of seven different sections:

  • Two sections of documentary videos
  • A section of miniature aircraft models
  • 100-seat Fokker aircraft section
  • Photo gallery section
  • A flight cabin
  • A coffee Shop
  • A session of photos for the visiting groups.

It was a really interesting educational visit for all of them.

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