Bhimphedi CH Youth Program

Celebrating the new Nepali Year in Chandragiri

Chandragiri is a hill surrounding Kathmandu Valley. It is 2551m over the sea level and from there you can have a cleary view of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and an overview of part of the Himalayan range and can even, in very clear days, see Mount Everest (8848m).

It is a place where many inhabitants of Kathmandu and even out of valley come to that point to celebrate the Nepali New Year.

This New Year 2075 of the Bikram Sambat, it was special and for the first time the children from Bhimphedi and Youth from Kathmandu met at the top of the Chandragiri Hill.

Since last July, we are trying to strengthen the links between the children from Bhimphedi with the youth who are continuing their studies in Kathmandu.

Meeting up there, for Nepali New Year, was a way to celebrate an event together and meet with our sisters and brothers. New Year starts new youth arrived and the children keep growing up.